Itza Salon & Day Spa


  I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped. Simply give me a call, and I'll be happy to connect you with them.


 Itza is a wonderful massage therapist who understands your body and individualizes her treatment for you. Her studio is modern, clean, and a perfect place to relax.

Omaha, Nebraska


 Whew nothing else works, I know without a doubt that Itza is going to give me 100% of her expertise, talent, and craft to help my with my chronic aches and migraines. Spending an hour with her is better than any medicine for pain. Medicine does not cure, it only covers and masks the pain. Itza can work her magic and give me the relief I need to go on with the day, She truly has an understanding of the human body and how to find my target areas. I appreciate how she pays attention to my needs. I will always be a client.

Andrea Remar Wysocki


 Itza Benjamin is one of the most professional and skilled medical massage therapist in the country. I not only practiced massage therapy myself, but have received numerous massages from Itza Benjamin and always left feeling healed, relaxed, and refreshed.
She has been my massage therapist and hair stylist since 2007.
I would highly recommend Itza Benjamin to all my friends, family, and colleagues.

Janine Costello
Former LMT - Rancho Santa Margarita Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine
RSM, California


 I highly recommend Itza for your next massage. She is a certified Medical Massage practitioner. For several years she has been my favorite person for a massage. She is pleasant and professional. I used to suffer from my legs going to sleep because I drive for a living. Since I discovered the benefits of massage therapy my circulation has improved and I no longer have the leg circulation problems I use to have prior to massage therapy. Take my advice, try Itza's massage and you will become a regular client like me, she has really helped me feel better.

Dan Denholm


   Last February I was involved in a car accident in which somebody hit me from behind.  I was diagnosed with a whiplash injury.  As a physical therapist assistant for the past 21 years, and as a massage therapist for the past 18 years, I knew the importance of manual therapies to help get on the road to recovery.  I sought out to find a massage therapist that shared some of the beliefs and techniques as I did.  Through another massage therapist, it was recommended that I see Itza for my massage sessions.  After one session, it was clear that Itza was a natural healer.   My symptoms immediately started subsiding.  She used various techniques, including stretching, range of motion, along with massage to help me feel better, and to function better.  After a few more sessions my symptoms were nearly gone, however I wanted to continue with relaxation, and to maintain good health, and prevent future problems, so I continue to see Itza for holistic heath care intervention. 
  I would highly recommend Itza for anyone who wants the best for their body through a holistic approach, which I would think most of us would fall into this category.  
Kevin D. Leago, PTA, LMT


  Since I discovered the benefits of Itza's theraputic massage I no longer spend money with the chiropractor. The same $ spent with Itza recieving weekly massages has relieved my circulation problems. Also, I believe Itza has lowered my blood pressure, because it is down from a year ago. Itza has done wonders for me. I whole-heartedly recommend Itza's massage service to any person who is interested in maintaining a healthy body. She is pleasant and professional.

Thank You Itza,

 Dan Denholm 


  I have been getting massages from Itza for about 3 years now. She is the best. I've had massages from all over and none compare to her. She has good strong hands and knows just how to apply the pressure. And not only that she is a very sweet lady with a great personality and makes you feel right at home. I never want it to end when I'm there. I wish I could go everyday. If you are looking for a great massage I highly recommend going to Itza's. She's the bomb!

Curt Heide